To ensure that your systems run smoothly, you need single- or three-phase AC motors that are made to measure like our hamotic drives. As your active development partner, we fine tune our products together with you to match your requirements, for instance, in terms of torque, efficiency, form and geometry. Tailored to your needs, we design and manufacture the right drive and integrate it in your application. We are able to meet your requirements without any reservations thanks to our extensive in-house production and experience. We focus on precision, energy-efficiency and sustainability to help you extend your competitive advantage.

  hamotic system customized for you weiter
Drive systems in synchronous and asynchronous technology
  hamotic varicon electronics included weiter
Synchronous and asynchronous drives with integrated or attached electronics
  hamotic cap tightly sealed weiter
Housed and frameless drives with completely potted motor windings in synchronous and asynchrnonous technology
  hamotic pro for demanding industrial applications weiter
Drives with housing in synchronous and asynchronous technology
  hamotic compact the essence weiter
Frameless drives of synchronous and asynchronous design
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